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Free Throws and Your Target

Life is not a game. But it is competitive. Firstly, we are competing within ourselves. A basketball player’s movement first started as a thought. This can be called the rookie stage where emphasis can be placed on learning angles, tension, and release. As you move towards being an expert, your thoughts produce measurable magnet fields in your brain where the electrical impulses track and create measurable intellect. Activity that comes from habit. Continue reading

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Mental Activity In Action

Today is my day for a miracle.

I will keep looking up and forward.

The Sun rose without me and I will enjoy it’s ability to bring light into my life today.

I am blessed and highly favored by a great God.

I focus on what I’m grateful for today.

I am positive force in every room I enter.

I am moving forward, and fulfilling my vision.

I declare this shall be a day of awesome opportunities that will outweigh any and every obstacle that may try to hinder my path.

I am walking in extreme favor.

I am the child of a Most High God!! Continue reading

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