Another Step Into The Dimension of Client-Sales Practitioner Interactivity

happy business people working together at meeting

happy business people working together at meeting

If you experienced a 20% decrease in traffic, are you braced to increase your sales ratio’s?

OnDemand Sales is not as important to the long term bottom line of your business as Competent Completion.

The current reality of sales is that, generally speaking, Sales Practitioners are usually trying to convince Clients to buy from them. Clients are not generally begging Sales Practitioners to sell to them.  If the market changes, are you increasing your skills to fill the vacuum?

Clients do have a need to be fulfilled, and that is why the creative process of a sales meeting takes place.

Since we are looking at things from the Sales Practitioner’s perspective, we must ask- what does it take to be qualified for the enviable position of helping a consumer decide between their hard-earned money and your commodity?

I am writing about the skill that engages your active listening, product expertise and ability to engineer solutions and close transactions which create increased financial promotion.  Not using manipulation or sex to sell.

The meaning and emotional sense of buying changes from time to time. In our era, considering our worldwide financial banking crisis America no longer has as many consumers robbing Peter to pay Paul with bank funds.  Buying things is more generally through our citizens’ own hard-earned money, involving long hours at work, sometimes two or three jobs. Double duty.

Trust- The Vital Foundation Of Client Relationships

What qualifications and accreditation’s do you need to have?  Why should they trust you?  What problems can you really solve?

If you are interested in navigating in these rough waters of selling, get used to asking this question of yourself every time you have an exchange.  What are the tools that will help someone to believe you and, more importantly, believe in you?

Here is how you find out.  Solve a big problem for your client.  In coming full circle with the resulting success of solving their problem, restate the success in terms of how you have uniquely attributed to their peace of mind.  When you hear them acknowledge your contribution, ask for a referral. Plant the seed and watch their trust of you grow as they give you their friends and family to help too.  Without a resulting referral, how do you mutually benefit from the relationship?  Without asking for the referral, how to you benchmark how trust worthy you are to them?

Business woman celebrates successful deal at office. Bussiness People

Business woman celebrates successful deal at office.

Sales, bottom line, is a form of negotiation and negotiations can be conducted with a wide variety of demeanor’s on both sides- suspicion, trust, anger, affection, cruelty, kindness- the list of possibilities is endless. But when you talk about a sales approach that engenders trust, that narrows down the field of possibilities. Certain behavior does not lead to that kind of happy bonding with a Client.

For that reason, in White Hat Sales, trust is the key factor we wish to engender in our Clients. But we are not going to just project trust; we are going to actually be trustworthy. And, beyond that, in our interactions with people, we will be who we are actually are, our personae somewhat logically customized to the person and circumstances we are dealing with as anyone would, given the wide range of human personalities and situation, – but essentially and authentically always being ourselves.

Be yourself when you are listening to someone who needs your product or service help. Model your understanding, without interrupting who you are listening to, by putting your “sticky post-it note” into words that form a sentence summarizing the picture in your mind.  If you don’t understand, say it in your own words.  If you can’t see how you can help, say it in your own words.  If you don’t now the answer, say that your have to ask;  in your own words.

As Polonius says to his son, Laertes, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet- “This above all: to thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Also meaning, don’t give a solution you don’t have the authority to give.  Take responsibility for your part, and communicate the other moving parts of the solutions which can be itentified .

And beyond simply heeding that sage advice, we are going to equip ourselves with the tools that will enable our Clients to make good decisions based on an enlightened, rational view of the product or service they are buying. When we close the sale, it is going to be a great transaction on both sides- but not just for 30 days. Indeed, for the expected or guaranteed life of the product or service, it will be what the Client thought it was during the sales process. No tricks to haunt the Sales Practitioner’s reputation at a later date.



What kind of efforts have you made to establish trust between yourself and your Clients? Does a unique situation have to come up to engender that trust- or can your trustworthiness be somehow demonstrated in the course of ordinary negotiations? Are you willing to lose the account altogether if you tell the Client some of your true concerns? In what sense, does this kind of effort require investing some kind of trust in Source and the way the universe actually works?


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