Damage Control

We all have to do damage control sometimes- with ourselves, with our family, with our work. But when you are in the public eye, working with strangers or people who barely know you, this must be done with the utmost care.

Done well, this can be one of the most significant ways to grow and proper your business as you increase your brain health.


Growing and Prospering Your Business as a Problem Solver


If you have a big problem, the first step is certainly not to broadcast it to colleagues, friends and, even worse, Clients.  Step 1A is also NOT to assign blame.  Step 1B is to realize by implementing appropriate damage control you will be able to communicate your unique ability to deliver success and ask for/receive referrals.

“In 1930, Santiago Ramón y Cajal wrote that our nerve pathways are fixed and immutable, but now scientist know that the brain has the amazing ability to reorganize throughout life, changing its structure and function through mental experience alone.”  (just listen to any Olympian speaking about how they mentally practice).  “If the brain can get worse by constantly focusing on the problem, then the brain can get better by understanding how to eliminate and replace the problems.”  Dr. Caroline Leaf, Switch On Your Brain.


Your Focus:  You are a time-saver, moneymaker and a problem-solver

Teamwork - Helping

If you have the benefit of other listeners to the same problem, find out if you heard the problem correctly.  To solve real problems, it is best to be centered and careful about your solution.

Do your best to analyze it and then test out various solutions until you find the one that makes the most sense.  In many business’, testing the solutions requires:

  • a legal approach;
  • a market approach;
  • a personal approach;
  • and a time sensitive approach.

Broadcasting problems with your mouth instead of using your eyes and ears- can lead to premature, panic-oriented solutions- since you may be settling on ill-considered solutions other than your own.   You should own the solution you settle with- lock, stock and barrel.  If you don’t own the solution, how can you confidently convey to solution path?  Ironically, this is like being a Realtor without owning a home.


In White Hat Sales, you need to be the problem-solver not the anxiety-ridden, insecure bearer of your own bad news. This means more than just “positive thinking.” It means real self-confidence.


Outside of Reality TV, there is no reward for the big long list of problems.  And by the way, in Reality TV, the biggest reward is for the producers who find narcissistic folks who rant about their problems.  That’s entertainment?

Not for me – but by the prolific opportunities for reality and talk show options, there is big reward in packaging these emotions.  This is where the divergent emphasis is on CONTROL.  Controlling yourself, your emotions and your thought processes to be a benefit to those around you.


What is the best image to present to Clients?  How do you do this with integrity and authenticity?


One of the mistakes people sometimes make who are negotiating salaries is that they will discuss their critical need for the job, how they want to make more money and how they need special accommodations for their schedule. Although sometimes this may be appropriate, at least in part, the role of the job seeker that should be projected to the prospective employer is that of a time-saver, moneymaker and a problem-solver. Their problems, not yours.  Here is where job seeker and sales-practitioner/business person align:  have the pipeline so full of prospective opportunity’s that you can easily walk away from the wrong deal.


Crying at the drop of the hat is appropriate for an actress. Not anyone else. Certainly not Clients or prospective employers;  a healthy mind set is not going to crumble at the snapping point in problem solving.

Brain health 101.

When you focus on your top 10 goals at the beginning of everyday, you will be starting the day exercising your brain so that you can be resilient to face what life brings your way.


Therefore, in White Hat Sales, we are focused on the Client’s needs not our own.  What gift of problem solving do we bring to the situations we encounter?  Cultivating this selflessness whenever possible will grow your business and help your brain!



How do you protect your image and avoid being a panic-driven, anxiety-prone practitioner? 

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