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Healthy Mind

The White Hat Sales Program is about far more than just making the niceties of product disclosure; it is about using the principles that apply to how your brain works that identify with spiritual principle’s with how to operate in our world.  A healthy mind set will produce healthy returns.  What is your target?  Like a basketball player who learns how to shoot a free throw to succeed at game changing moments, it all starts upstairs.

The following are principles that apply to a basketball free throw:

1.Stability – shoulder width base, line of gravity between base and a low center of gravity

2.Max Velocity – using muscles from largest to smallest in order to get the proper height and distance

3.Pressure differentials -Spin on ball, caused by the ball rolling off the finger tips beneath it, creates curve and lessens impact of ball (more likely to go in)

Like a basketball player within the confines of shooting a free throw, you have to manage the principle’s on earth with those that produce force outwardly. In other words, where ever you are, what ever you are doing:  there are earthly principles that you can guide based on what you are learning.  Your learned behavior then starts producing an outward motion.

Young person practicing basketball at home

Young person practicing basketball at home

Basketball Force Producing Movements

1.  knee extension  2.  upper arm raises to be 90 degrees between trunk through  3.  elbow flexion of about 80 degrees  Critical Instant. 4.trunk and knee fully extended  5. non-shooting hand guides ball 6.fingers of shooting hand roll under  7. ball to produce backspin  8.  wrist extension  9.feet flat

basketball practice for a young boy at home

basketball practice for a young boy at home

Follow Through  1.body is fully upright  2.shooting hand is pronated 3.wrist is 900 flexed forward 4.full elbow extension 5.feet flat

Ballplayer or not, we are human beings.  Being human, with human events and mixing with other’s human nature requires some expertise in managing yourself from the inside out.  Life is not a game.  But it is competitive.  Firstly, we are competing within ourselves.  A basketball player’s movement first started as a thought.  This can be called the rookie stage where emphasis can be placed on learning angles, tension, and release.  As you move towards being an expert, your thoughts produce measurable magnet fields in your brain where the electrical impulses track and create measurable intellect.  Activity that comes from habit.

Habits are formed by repeatedly focusing on a strong belief that creates an outward action.  Once you develop the right habits and the successful mind set, you as a professional have control of your opportunities and appointments.  You now have force producing movements in your career:  Stability, Max Velocity and Pressure differential.
Thoughts Have Power

The outward force in a successful, long-term force producing sales career involves making sure that the Client fully, consciously understands the benefits/pitfalls of what they are buying:  Stability. Repeated consistently 9-5, 5 days a week:  Max Velocity.  (take time off so you don’t burn out).   It comes from within you.  It benefits your brain.  Your health.  And your life.  All thinking activity is real, and it can be seen on various types of brain imaging.  Digging deeper into your energy producing force can be very hard because sometimes- for often the Client is their own worst enemy:  Pressure differential.

Force producing thinking is reflective thinking. 

What is on the inside of you that propels a direction that reimburses you and the clients with success?


By nature, a rookie will poorly align and relax when they should be reflecting, resulting in reflexive rational.   That vulnerability, reflexive thinking (which is derived from the word, reflex, which implies an instinctive rather than a reflective response), is the core weakness that smart predatory sales agents act on.

Predatory practices we call technical foul!In fact, predatory salespersons, in a live conversation, often will tell the truth, knowing that the Client will miss their disclosure- sometimes because the catches on that their Client may not paying attention, but also because their conditioning and reflexive, unquestioned assumptions about some key issue are distracting them and driving them down the wrong path so powerfully that they are not responding rationally to what they actually hear. We call a technical foul!



Have you ever steered a Client away from a personally profitable sale because you felt it was not good for him?

 Did you feel elation, a sense of loss, or just a kind of satisfaction of making the right decision?


Black Hat vs White Hat Sales Methodologies

Black Hats can be very concentrated and very savvy, just as any hunters would be stalking their prey. But they are really rookies.  Not fully developed, with no long term potential for their brain and body to benefit from the creative nature of the sales process.   Still, although alert to their environment and the behavior of their target, they are asleep to their conscience and the common good. Perhaps even more sadly, they are indifferent to the real terms of their gift of life, which means cherishing the value and desires of other people outside of themselves.

White Hatters, who focus on the true reality of the upsides and downsides of their products, are certainly marching on the Path to Integrity- but there is more to our purpose in White Hat Sales than just integrity alone.

In White Hat Sales, we although we want to truly help the Client and that is paramount, White Hat Sales is not only about being honest, but delivering a truly needed or desired product or service.

If your job or career priorities are:

  • I want to enjoy what I do
  • I want to feel like I make a difference
  • I want to do something that other people respect
  • Where I have influence and control
  • That is creative or artistic
  • Where I have a low chance of being laid off.

Than having command of your internal guidance systems will give you the ability to manage your outwardly environment.  Like shooting a free throw, perfect practice makes perfect.  Paying attention to principles give you power to manage force.

In this sense, we are strong advocates for what we have signed up for:  our product or service, our job or industry.  (If you are in school, your job is a student).  Even if we have to stand up against what we believe is the reflexive resistance of our Clients by saying “no, that won’t work” or “no thank you”.

It is not at all just about pleasing folks we are selling to.

For this, a Sales Practitioner needs to balance guts, determination, psychological strength and wisdom with the spiritual virtues of compassion, empathy and a true desire to assist the Client in fulfilling his or her actual goals.

Which bring us to why we developed White Hat Sales and the FLAME TRAINING SYSTEM. We did this partially because we wanted to deploy some of these most recent discoveries of neuroscience in a positive way- as the kind of understanding derived from these discoveries can be useful to further clarity, equity and mutual profitability in human interactions. But we also wanted to truly empower the Sales Practitioner.


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