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Being In A Calm State Gives Your Brain Increased Ability

Being in a calm state gives your brain increased ability.  Lets talk about:





When the Sale Practitioners hears a “NO!” from a particular Buyer (especially with an exclamation point!), it is common for them to slip into a mild or even catastrophic sense of depression.


  It is like being turned down for a job you really want, a political position you have worked for months or even years, getting a rejection slip from a publisher – and in the case of real estate, losing thousands of prospective dollars in a split second.


Of course, another possibility is to slip into a state of anger- and this alternative negative emotional state can lead to even worse consequences.


It is these emotional states of anger or depression, which need to be avoided at all costs. You must be steeled against any kind of interaction of that nature. Why? Because it will affect your performance- immediately following the “NO!” but also maybe for the rest of the day.

How do we do this?  We do this by using our God given ability to sense when something is wrong. Our body’s will react and action needs to take place.  If we train ourselves to be REFLECTIVE instead of REFLEXIVE, we focus on the positive with a resulting affirmative action.

Now let me say, for sure, up front, this is not an easy thing. We are not talking here about simply repressing the anger or depression- although, frankly, there are times when you may feel such things that you had better not say anything, even if you have to run and find a closet to hide in before that wave of anger or depression passes.


In fact, we are talking about a different way of looking at people and situations that means that, instead of feeling anger and depression, you feel a connection to the Divine Source within me that is miles and miles above these feelings.

planet Earth in galaxy space

See yourself as the astronaut looking a the beautiful blue marble: earth.  Envisioning creation from your Creator’s view point.

This is not an easy thing. And it is not something you can get from any one book or “system.” In fact, ultimately everything we learn and can trust is going to fundamentally come from within yourself.

 You may say to yourself right now, I don’t believe in all that.

I will point out, you have an God given ability to believe what you want to believe, and now it won’t work for you.  Your brain chemicals that control your body functions perform at their maximum when your mental activities are focused on positive, gratitude filled thoughts.

Although our system gives some hints as to how to change your attitude about anger, depression and other negative emotions, we also say that our system does not pretend to provide all the answers that you might need as there are highly personal psychological, spiritual and even technical knowledge that may be needed to fit your situation. And sometimes, the most important clues can be found through your own analysis and search within. Do you think you need to work on these types of issues? What steps do you need to take to do this?

Today’s Hint:

Today is my day for a miracle.

I will keep looking up and forward.

The Sun rose without me and I will enjoy it’s ability to bring light into my life today.

I am blessed and highly favored by a great God.

I focus on what I’m grateful for today.

I am positive force in every room I enter.

I am moving forward, and fulfilling my vision.

I declare this shall be a day of awesome opportunities that will outweigh any and every obstacle that may try to hinder my path.

I am walking in extreme favor.

I am the child of a Most High God!!


Still, despite the long road we all need to traverse to perfection, the whole key to immediate sales is based on your ability to interact positively and in a nurturing way to your prospects.


Having the right mind set now brings you to the partner step, resulting action that builds your business.

a woman jogging in front of a marina

 Step by step until we are running!


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Part of a select group of professionals who excel in client satisfaction. Less than 7 percent of professionals in the Sarasota area receive this award.

Part of a select group of professionals who excel in client satisfaction. Less than 7 percent of professionals in the Sarasota area receive this award.

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