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We have had difficult news this week that affected us personally and nationally with Orlando. It IS TIME TO PRAY:   Let us not forget what we have control of, ourselves. God gave us free will and we can choose to help with our thoughts, prayers, words and actions.

You could say that the sorry truth about our culture is that our highly advanced technology system is generally used through the commercial and political agenda of mass media- to dumb down our culture. Or worse, continually SCARE US!

Unfortunately, many of the sales practices and training not only dumb down sales people but encourage the dumbing down of consumers who do not always get a straight story when they want to buy a house or a car or some cosmetics. There is such a prevalent effort at manipulating people, despite their realization that they are being used, that many consumers have given up- and accept the half-truths, buy the good or service and go home with a sense of defeat, with sad eyes and sloping shoulders. But we aren’t dumb are we?

White Hat Sales is all about waking up American culture to the value of integrity and truth in commercial interactions- and to realize that if consumers, marketers and salespersons would smart up, then our culture would be so much more perfected. And if the attitude of this level of integrity, coupled with self-knowledge but also about shrewdness about people and transactions- bled over into the American political landscape, why we would soon be inching closer to fulfilling the goal of our Founding Fathers- liberty, integrity and prosperity.

Yes, self-knowledge is the core of my training program. But as you contemplate that, I invite you to think about our White Hat Sales Training slogan, “Maximizing Sales Through Self-Transformation.”  Or to make my point even clearer and applicable to every part of The LaFlamme Advanced Communication Training, look at its slogan: “Maximizing Profitability Through Integrity, Empathy and Science.”  Simply, Putting On Your White (thinking cap) Hat.

I think slogans are an important part of branding. They can be, if you like, mini-mission statements that the public sometimes actually “gets.” Our slogans do not evade the idea that prosperity is a good thing and maximizing sales is very important to survival of individuals and companies.   Slogans are a way of hammering home our essential message. Know yourself and know the great, wonderful truth that lies underneath every human being’s nature, a relationship to our divine heritage that spells opportunity for every man and woman and Earth.

But I want to go further even beyond sales objectives. White Hat Sales has not been developed to just make a profit, but also because I feel our country needs it. Let us come and discuss what we believe and how we feel.  We have a beautiful forum here which I cherish.  I continually want to nourish opportunities, plans and programs to help which are effective as well.

As President and Founder of The National PTSD Service Association, Inc (Starting locally in Sarasota as The South West Educational Foundation, Inc.  and growing nationally )we work with training highly skilled dogs and matching them to highly skilled service veterans.  Working with people and helping them have a vibrant life using dogs gives me purpose.  And gives me opportunity to place behavioral dynamics to the test.

In, How Dogs Learn by Mary R Burch, Ph.D and Joh S. Bailey, Ph.D I find an excellent tool to guide my mind in refined actions that affect responses not just from my dogs; but also from the people around me. Behavior science calls this respondent conditioning.

Respondent conditioning behaviors are elicited.  Elicit means to bring about or cause.  Bring to light.  Call Forth.  Shining the light on an action.  White Hat.  Not to be confused with with illicit meaning improper or unlawful activity, intention resulting in action which is  unfair, cooked and dirty: Black Hat.

More words about words:  Operant conditioning is working to elicit a learned behavior on command.  Intentional actions that have an effect on the surrounding environment. In White Hat Sales, I speak and write about the dynamic in observable behavior AND internal mental events.  If I left out the research on what is triggering in our brains I would simply fall short in involvement in my increased my sales footprint as I am share my increased personal satisfaction in life.

Lady Justice Stature n Germany, Frankfurt

Liberty is for everywhere!  I’m also a lover of liberty- and this passion was very much alive in our Founding Fathers, although perhaps in a somewhat embryonic form- values liberty for all men and does not selfishly appropriate liberty for oneself. Social mores are not more important than high moral standing.  Mores are important to understand and Liberty gives you the freedom to be understanding while standing on solid ground, a clincher in our shared heritage if you are from The United States of America.

If you are reading this and relate to having individual liberty which brings about or causes positive economic change without illicit, improper or unlawful activity you will surely continue enjoy The White Hat Sales Blog.

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