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Mental Activity In Action

Today is my day for a miracle.

I will keep looking up and forward.

The Sun rose without me and I will enjoy it’s ability to bring light into my life today.

I am blessed and highly favored by a great God.

I focus on what I’m grateful for today.

I am positive force in every room I enter.

I am moving forward, and fulfilling my vision.

I declare this shall be a day of awesome opportunities that will outweigh any and every obstacle that may try to hinder my path.

I am walking in extreme favor.

I am the child of a Most High God!! Continue reading

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Help From Neurophysiology

No matter how much neurophysiology can guide us- and I do believe it can be of great value, our sense of ourselves and our decision-making ways is tied to our spirits, which is a connection that has survived before and will survive after the many accounts and theories of man’s connection to his brain. That connection links us directly to narratives within ourselves that are wholly good, wise and nurturing and, when properly discerned, are worthy of our obedience and service….Here is a frame of reference that works every time; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you knowing you will live long and prosper here on earth.

Today look at what you have the ability to control. Focus on your personal goals and action plan. Look you best. Be your best. And expect the best. Continue reading

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