Turning The Other Cheek

For myself, returning rude, aggressive behavior with calmness and love, was a great big challenge. Yet, I knew that the immediate, instinctive desire to reply in kind to bad behavior (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth) is an instinctive reaction of the lower mind and is easier than putting brakes on that kind of emotion and trying to respond kindly with reflective consideration for the actual root of the problem that caused the reaction.


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Yes, I am talking about what Jesus brought and taught.  What Gandhi sought, taught and what formed the heart of the original American civil rights movement. Great things can happen if you can use patient self-control; restraint and  but NOT tolerance. We aren’t here to put up with bad and disgusting behavior and violation of our personal liberties.  But we are equipped to deal with it by using our the power within that God gave us.


Is there a time, when violence must be met with defensive aggression? Yes, I am not going to stand around idly when I am attacked by some intruder in my house and if compelled by the circumstance, I will use the Mace, the judo chop or a licensed handgun, I will use it to protect my life or the people that could be harmed by the thief.


Now, obviously, weaponry or karate kicks are not usually part of a sales scenario. Yet, those very same scenarios can possibly include an attempt for theft or fraud on a very large scale. Then, you may need the authorities.


But, in general, the response to rudeness should be kindness and keep your distance emotionally.  Don’t get involved in what is going on in THEIR HEAD!

You don’t have to be great at this to start, but you have to start to be great.Success and life achievement concept.

Get Your Informal Problem-Solving Degree

When you are prepared as a problem solver in your mind, then you are authentically prepared to say, “no problem.” Even if you aren’t enrolled in business school, the Universe will eventually give you a degree.


When a fairly solvable objection pops up, the right technique- inquisitive and friendly- should bring the actual problem to the surface. Completely understanding what the problem is will help you to resolve it and allow the sale to be made.


Not-so-quick to solve problems involves a little deeper preparation.  Deeper questioning like-, what do we do next if this doesn’t work?

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Understanding the price, timing and considerations of your sales contract is your first step in understanding your process and procedures. Understanding the long-term relationships and greater pipeline of activity outcome you want is your goal to fulfill.

One transaction can be as much at $5,000 – $15,000 +++.  A lifetime of transactions with a client who knows you can go deeper into solving bigger problems will reward you with an impact of $975,000 – $1,600,000 +++ of transactions!

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