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Crushed Quartz Never Gets Hot!

Siesta Key Sand:  Crushed Quartz Never Gets Hot!



If you talk a good talk, but don’t deliver — soon we will figure it out. No one’s buying.

You can think and do and go however and whenever you want. That’s fine. But what do others think about your product. Not, what do you think

So, how are you helping others find your product? Are you really making it available? Do others need your product and is it perceived as being more valuable and/or scarcer than their current choices?

How much responsibility do you take for your sale’ results? How much responsibility do you take for everything that happens to you in life?

You really do need a combination of clarity, acuteness of vision and foresight to really succeed in a big way. You also need hammer strength.

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach

Men and women have this, in different ways.

If some men had to wax their chests as often as we wax our eyebrows, the hospital emergency room might be too full to fit car accident victims in.

Trust me, I know.  When I get lazy, my brother Chris Voss, Author of Best Selling “Never Split The Difference” and I have the same 5 o’clock shadow on our lips.  We aren’t talking about physical pain tolerance, but inner strength.




My husband and my brother both have demonstrated cool, calm, collected communication in dangerous settings where I would never venture.  Read Chris’ book, laced with thrilling FBI adventures that will also help your business.  Their remarkable careers have enabled them to translate amazing collaboration talents into successful business enterprises.

Ret. Lt Col Mark LaFlamme is the recipient of The Distinguished Flying Cross.  Paying it forward for Veterans and First Responders, he has taken his gifts and talents as a Wealth Manager and Formed The National PTSD Service Association with me.

I have watched their strength, tenacity and wisdom develop over the years and watch them rewarded in the marketplace.  As I have witnessed their mental resolve and strength produce measurable results, I have continued to grow too.  Maybe not as much as I wish to- but I am on my way.

Calling attention to the importance we carry within ourselves to help others is my way of leading you to look further into your strengths.  It is also my way of helping you self diagnose any areas where you are finding negative results based on overly expressing your emotions. Have you ever been “hot” tempered about anything?

Positive character strengths are something to lean into.  Not ON.  When you know your positive strengths, you can start to measure when you are putting yourself in a position to succeed;  And positions which will require further study and complimentary team help.

http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey gives you the next steps to take your personal inventory.  The greater you know yourself and the gifts your bring to your enterprise;  the more your emotions will naturally rein in.  Why?  Because you will trust yourself more.

Most personality tests focus on negative and neutral traits, but the VIA Survey focuses on your best qualities.

You can be an outwardly positive person, but not trustworthy.  You can be trustworthy but not a positive person:  having negative results when you express you negativity.  When you trust your strengths you can also show appreciation for other’s strengths. We aren’t kicking the can down the road here, we are setting a chain reaction in place that builds you as you build your business!

Trust  + Inner Strength:  Outer Control

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