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What we think about is what we become.

Our payday isn’t when the check hits our bank account, it’s when we focus our attention on the purpose we believe we bring to our day.

Each day, our brain as a muscle gets stronger and stronger as we use it to:

  1. read,
  2. study,
  3. write,
  4. learn, and
  5. do.

The resulting list worked properly:  

You know what you know.  

To know and not to do, is to NOT know.

Our first business opportunity to demonstrate what we know is to ask for a job.  I like to look at job hunting and job positioning as examples of sales:

1) Because they are.

2) Because everyone has experienced this type of interaction

3) Because almost everyone has had disappointments and challenges in this area making the actions involved easier to look at from a psychological sales standpoint.

Asking for a change in position from your boss as a way of discussing looking at unconscious or semi-conscious narratives that might be floating through your mind as you delay or falter asking for the position once you have entered the author.

We have to ask-

Why are you there, then? It is because you have been guided by other narratives that have come to the forefront of you mind, starting when you were standing at that bulletin board, and are now still dominating, pushing you into that office, demanding you get another job. For instance, maybe when you looked at the bulletin board, you said to yourself-

 This dream job of mine is great- I have so many friends in the marketing department and each assignment is challenging. Just look at how many awards I amassed in two years. I am a Super Star- but unfortunately a poor one. I still am all right, but my credit cards are screaming out to me- to buy a few more groceries, to get that dishwasher I still can’t afford. Still, I know I will hate this stupid job if I happen to get it.


I love my job but I know my new boss hates me. She is envious of my work and goes out of her way to try and find anything outside of my work to lecture me about- five minutes late for work, leaving out a small part of my latest report, even daring to tell me not to talk too much to my partner in my little cubbyhole. I don’t want to make a formal complaint. Maybe it would be best to go to the compliance department, where the work is boring but I know all the employees there and they will definitely mind their own business.

Just at the moment you are applying, you are feeling the weight of narratives that were just barely registering in your conscious mind when you were staring at the bulletin board.

And since one of these narratives is now asserting itself, while you are standing there in the office about to make a pitch, you now have a feeling that the request is premature. You do not feel confident about your footing.

 But being ambivalent about a new job or new position is not unusual. What is odd is how little people realize how much they are divided within about this kind of situation and thousands of others.  It just isn’t all that easy being a human being.

It’s always a privilege to me to be in a situation to solve a problem.  And I like to test what I have learned by doing.  In building up for my recent project, launching The National PTSD Service Association I have been mentored to train service canines.  My first step was teaching obedience to my 2 Belgium Malinois.   How do I find out how well I’m progressing?  I attend my first dog show.  Showing up dressed like I always dress:  like a Realtor selling a 1,000,000 property I’m mentally and physically ready to go.  So are my dogs.  We are there to win some blue ribbons.  There were professional trainers and local people with all types of breeds. Elegant and stylish shoes. Someone pointed out I have the wrong shoes. I quickly check and understood they were too fancy, but not wrong.  The judge pointed out I have the wrong gear. Despite the stress of a long 8 hour show, new environment and some quick equipment updates;  I won BLUE:    First.  Two years later and I’m still know as  “Won/One With The Shoes”.

Success leads to success.

Showing up.  Keeping my inner narratives on the winning mode also translated into my dogs maintaining their composure. Winning also gave me a bench mark for “DOING” instead of just study-ing.  A new success threshold.  Moving forward as a great student has given me access to sophisticated Canine Trainers, PTSD Service Providers and  Mentor’s around the world. Building the Master Mind Group for my charity that serves Veterans and First Responders is becoming a reality that was only a dream 2.5 years ago.

How do we take what is within and turn it into outward reward?

1. Through focused, determined mind action, the brain can be stimulated to change.

2. We can be as intelligent as we want to be–intelligence can grow.

3. Even though we cannot control our circumstances, we can control our reactions to those circumstances. Our inner narratives take over.  Birds can fly over, but don’t let them build a nest!

4. We are not victims of our biology; we are victors over our biology.

Your brain becomes what you focus on. Science calls it the Quantum Zeno Effect.  Focus is directed attention and is a function of the mind.


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I am still learning - Michelangelo at age 87 - continuous education concept on a slate blackboard against red barn wood

I am still learning – Michelangelo at age 87 – continuous education concept

Tying these two concepts together:

  1.  As you train your mind, you are training for the desired outcome.
  2. dding value and purpose to your interactions helps your bank account and helps your brain!  

When your bank account grows you have the ability to help your family and your community.  You also help your brain.

Let us bring it forward to the job and sales opportunity scenario.

As you are interacting with your prospective employer or boss, are you finding ways to recap scenarios of the success you bring to the table?

Do you wait for your boss to acknowledge your contribution?  Because you should not let your inner narrative take the place of reality.  If you are working for someone who DOES NOT give you acknowledgement and you do not enjoy surprises, find the opportunity that represents the synergy which enables your best future.

If you have tested the market,

and you KNOW that you are very good with bringing solutions to the people who benefit financially from your effort,

then you KNOW the value of your time.

When you are exchanging your time for financial remuneration, you are spending your life.  As you focus your effort and focus your mind you will find it adding years to your success:  and years to our quality of life.

We have one life to live — let’s live it to the fullest!

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